Fence Installation Services

Since 2002, Vineyard Construction Company has been repairing and installing fences in and around the Dayton and Cincinnati area. Our experts work with homeowners to meet property and budget requirements before finding the perfect material and design for the job.

Custom Fence Installation Services

If you’re looking for a repair, replacement, or brand new fence installation, we have you covered with completely custom fencing solutions.

Perimeter fences: For public and private borders, we offer a versatile selection of fencing materials to meet the demands of your security. With property dimensions, we can provide a quick estimate for the material and labor cost of your project.

Deck fencing: When we’re not putting up a fence, Vineyard Construction Company is typically installing a deck to transform one of our customers’ outdoor living spaces. With a fenced-in deck, we can guarantee your optimal levels of privacy as you enjoy the fresh air.

Pool protection: Want to keep out pool hoppers and other unwanted guests? Protect your pool and enjoy the serenity in the comfort of your backyard with a durable fence and gate.

How We Do It

There is no job too big or too small for us to consider. We do fences the way we do everything: by creating affordable solutions without sacrificing quality materials and craftsmanship.

Versatile materials: We install fences that make sense for our customers and offer versatile materials options to fit every property need. With the choice of wood, iron, steel, and other fencing materials, we are always able to work with our customers to find the perfect solution.

Unbeatable pricing: Most importantly, our fencing prices cannot be beaten. We have been building fences locally for decades, always delivering the maximum amount of value for our customers.

Get started on your fence today, by giving us a call or scheduling a free consultation.